Clavicle Malunion in a 26 year old

Matt is a 26 year-old male who achieved improvement of his symptoms after surgery for a malunited clavicle fracture.

Clavicle Malunion in a 29 year old

Joe is a 29 year-old male who had successful surgery to treat an old, malunited clavicle fracture that was causing pain and disrupting activity.

Non-Union Clavicle Fracture: Recovering From Surgery

Dr Duckworth answers the most common questions about what to expect during the recovery period and what you can do to ensure the best outcome.

Non-Union Clavicle Fracture: What Happens in Hospital

Dr Duckworth explains what happens during surgery and the hospital stay if you decide to improve the look or function of an old clavicle fracture.

Non-Union Clavicle Fracture: Should I Consider Surgery?

Dr Duckworth answers the most common questions about who can benefit from clavicle surgery and the expected results.

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