AC Joint Reconstruction for Dislocation

Tony is a 61 year old farmer, who lives in Rural NSW. His injury occurred when he fell off a horse and landed on his left shoulder.

Subscapularis Tear

This patient is a 14 year-old boy who injured his shoulder during a football tackle where his arm was forced into abduction.

Clavicle Malunion in a 26 year old

Matt is a 26 year-old male who achieved improvement of his symptoms after surgery for a malunited clavicle fracture.

Clavicle Malunion in a 29 year old

Joe is a 29 year-old male who had successful surgery to treat an old, malunited clavicle fracture that was causing pain and disrupting activity.

Clavicle Comminuted Fracture

This 38 year old man came off his motorbike at high speed on the race track and presented with a comminuted fracture of his clavicle.

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