Collar Bone Fractures in Teen Sport

While lower limb fractures are more common in sport, upper body injuries including fractures of the clavicle or collar bone also occur.

Clavicle Fractures in a Professional Mountain Biker

21-year-old professional mountain biker incurred a series of fractures to his collar bone, now well healed and back on the international mountain biking circuit.

Collarbone Fractures in Racing Industry

Collarbone fractures are common injuries in jockeys and track workers who are involved in riding and training horses.

Clavicle Fractures Practice Review

Dr Duckworth has a published journal article reviewing the outcomes of patients receiving surgery at the clinic.

New Plate Delivering Better Results For Collar Bone Fractures

A new surgical device to fix broken collar bones is resulting in faster healing times and better range of movement in patients, according to Sydney orthopaedic surgeon Dr David Duckworth.

Clavicle Fractures in Adults

This study reports the results of open reduction and internal fixation on displaced, medial end clavicle fractures, in five adult patients.

Limited Incision Plating of the Clavicle

Clavicle fractures can be stabilized through a limited incision technique due to new low profile anatomical plates.

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